- Teambuilder is a recriutment company for the engineering industry

Recruitment specialist for the engineering industry



Teambuilder is committed to continually developing our Contract services. Teambuilder actively tracks contractors' availabilities, latest skills and work locations so that we only call with relevant contract opportunities. Teambuilder has extensive contacts within Engineering so that we are able to provide some of the best contract opportunities. Teambuilder is happy to work with PAYE or Limited Company contactors (where the contractor is also a director).

Confidentiality and Control:

  • Teambuilder will only submit your CV to clients with your agreement.
  • Teambuilder will not pass your details on to any third party.
  • Teambuilder will not allow clients to search our database.
  • Prompt payment on invoices within 10 working days.

Home Working Contractors:

  • Teambuilder is happy to work with contractors that look for project orientated work. If you have the relevant facilities and you are an experienced contractor, Teambuilder is willing to work with contractor on a milestone basis.

Credit Checks:

  • Teambuilder pays for credit checking and client insolvency insurances. Teambuilder endeavours to only place contractors with clients that have passed our internal credit checks and where insolvency insurance can be obtained.

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