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Tips & Advice on getting a job in Engineering

Tips & Advice on getting a job in Engineering

There are many useful things you can do to improve your chances when looking for a new job. Teambuilder has some tips to help you through what can be a competitive process. Some candidate selections can be very close and it is important to give yourself the best chance of success from the outset.

Please look at our tips and take what ever you think may be useful.

Before you start make sure you are fully committed to a change. Be certain in your reasons for moving e.g. technical, financial and where you are willing to work.

Check the salaries are realistic and you have you taken into account any bonus, cars and pension scheme you may have.

Check how far you are willing to travel, check the roads / railways at peak time.

If you are thinking of relocating, consider changing schools for children and how easy it would be for your spouse to change their job.

All of these points will come up very quickly in interview.

If you want to change industries work out which of your skills would be most marketable.

Once you are certain that you are looking to change positions, be willing to work to a quick timetable. If you can make interviews at short notice, generally the faster the interview time realistically the less candidates, and therefore competition will be considered.

Many Clients stop interviewing when they see an appropriate candidate, being first can help a great deal.

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