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Refrigeration Service Engineers

Refrigeration Service Engineers

Teambuilder Recruitment is highly experienced in placing Refrigeration Service Engineers for;

  • Commercial Refrigeration.

Service Engineers with experience of Chillers, VRV, VRF, TM44, R22, Cabinets, Cold Rooms, Chillers, and Freezers.

  • Industrial Refrigeration

Service Engineers with Industrial Systems including Blast chillers, Blast freezers and Storage refrigeration, Ammonia based systems.

  • Mobile Refrigeration

Service Engineers with Lorry, Marine and Container Refrigeration experience

  • ULT ( Ultra  Low Temperature ) Cryogenic Refrigeration

Service Engineers are familiar with ULT Fridges and Freezers, Environmental Chambers, Cascade systems with temperatures to -180 degrees.

About the Refrigeration Service Engineers

  • We have engineers with experience in commissioning, servicing , maintenance, PPM and repairing Refrigeration equipment.
  • These Engineers are qualified for Refrigerant Handling and F Gas
  • We have Service Engineers registered throughout the UK.

If you are currently looking to recruit any of these engineers and would like the help of a recruitment agency then please contact us.

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