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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Teambuilder Recruitment is able to supply a wide range of software engineering staff including - Embedded, Realtime, DSP Application, and Telecomms.

For more details of how we can help you please look into our specialist areas:

  • Embedded Software - Firmware written in C, C++ and Assembler used in the latest electronic device. Target platforms include CPLDs, Microcontrollers, ASIC and FPGAs.
  • Real-time Software -  Software largely written in  C++ and C#  for communications. This can include WIN32, UNIX, .NET and Visual Studio development environments and include software libraries and tools such as MFC, Direct X, UML.
  • DSP Software -  Software written in C, C++ and Assembler for the latest Sound, Video, Image and Sonar applications.
  • Application Development - Real-time software written in C, C++ and JAVA that link to SQL type database.
  • Telecomms Software - Software written largely in C, C++ and JAVA, but for telecomms from mobile handsets, VOIP exchanges through to high speed broadband products.

Teambuilder has been placing Software Engineers on a Contract and Permanent basis in these areas since 1995


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