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Second Interview Techniques

Second Interview Techniques

If you are fortunate to be selected for a second interview, it is worth finding out beforehand the format for the second interview, as there are several possibilities. You may be meeting with one person, perhaps your prospective manager, or with several staff members in a panel interview or a series of one to one interviews.

Whatever the format, the questions being asked are specifically exploring two particular areas:

  • Are you competent to do the job? This question focuses on examining your skills and experience, perhaps probing for knowledge learnt during your previous employment experiences.  
  • Are you going to fit in with the company and work well with others? Your personality and the personal impact you make is what will really land you the job; this is far more important than any qualifications or perhaps even your previous experiences. Future potential is often as important. So be yourself and let your personality shine through. Be enthusiastic, positive and honest.

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