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Preparing for interviews

Preparing for interviews

An interview should be seen as a limited opportunity to market yourself. It is rare for the total interview time to be greater than four hours, not long to find out if someone is right for your company.


  • Find out about the company.  Most companies have web sites or brochures that can easily be obtained direct or via the agency.  Knowing what the company does is a way to earn a few very easy points.  
  • Try to get a job description where possible.  Most agencies will be able to give a fairly clear picture.  If required, brushing up on rusty topics can really help.
    Try to find out the interview process, how many or how long the interviews will be. Consider all interviews with equal importance.  
  • Have some sensible questions and answers to difficult questions rehearsed.

Before Your Interview:

  • You have to confirm the time, date and location of the interview and name of interviewee where appropriate.  
  • Arrive early (but no more than half an hour), be smart and get yourself into an enthusiastic frame of mind. These are more easy points to gain. Interviewing someone who has made the effort is far more appealing.  
  • If you are asked to bring certificates, references etc, get them ready before the day. Your interview letter must be with you.  
  • On arrival ensure the receptionist knows you are there.

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